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Wynn Macau daily burn rate at US$2 million

Daily burn rate at Wynn Macau has been around US$2 million per day, according to comments from Wynn Macau non-executive chairman Allan Zeman in an interview with CNBC.

Despite record low visitation over the last few months, Zeman said that the company has not reduced its staff headcount over the last two months.

“Obviously business has not been good because the borders have been closed between Hong Kong, China. [Though we have maintained our staff throughout the last two months,” explained Zeman.

Earlier this week, the border between Macau, Guangdong and, Hubei became effectively opened after Macau removed the requirement for travelers from those two provinces to go for a 14-day quarantine upon arrival to the SAR.

Casino patrons, however, will still be required to show a negative COVID-19 test in order to enter the premises.

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