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Macau’s Judiciary Police hold crime prevention workshop with The Venetian Macao’s frontline workers

Macau’s Judiciary Police (PJ) jointly held a workshop on “Prevention of Gaming Crime” with Venetian Macau Ltd. on Wednesday, aimed at enhancing the awareness of gaming crimes by frontline staff and ability to react accordingly.

The workshop was held at the Venetian Hotel with the PJ’s Gaming-related and Economic Crimes Investigation Department sending 12 criminal investigators to talk with The Venetian Macao employees.

During the workshop, the investigators introduced the organizational structure and functions of the PJ while outlining common gaming-related crimes, along with information on criminal law in Macau. They also spoke about how to prevent gambling-related crimes, such as crimes involving counterfeit banknotes, phone and online fraud and money laundering.

The PJ speakers then held group discussions with participants for further interaction, encouraging frontline staff in the gaming industry to take the initiative to report crimes to the police.

Around 40 staff members from various departments including security, surveillance, international marketing, law, gaming (dealers) and accounting in casinos attended the workshop.

The PJ emphasized that, In order to ensure the healthy development  of the gaming industry in Macau, it would maintain close connections with gaming operators and continuously provide knowledge on crime prevention for frontline workers in the gaming industry.

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