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Genting hints at Asian “cruise bubbles” as first cruise ship operations back underway

Genting Cruise Lines has proposed the implementation of special “cruise bubbles” within certain selected regions after becoming the world’s first cruise ship operator to relaunch operations over the weekend.

Dream Cruises celebrated the start of two and three night itineraries out of Taiwan on Sunday, which will see the Explorer Dream ship depart from Keelung and call at Penghu, Matzu and Kinmen islands as part of its new “Taiwan Island-Hopping” itineraries.

But Genting Cruise Lines President, Kent Zhu, said the scope of such cruises may be expanded in the near future to incorporate localized cruise bubbles.

“The restarting of the cruise industry is a remarkable achievement which was made possible by the Taiwan authorities’ swift and effective handling of the COVID-19 crisis and their foresight in resuming the tourism industry to benefit all the ports, the economy and the lifestyle of the people of Taiwan,” Zhu said.

“Looking forward, we believe the development of cruise bubbles between Taiwan and neighboring regions that also have their pandemic situation under control, such as the outlying islands of Japan, can further initiate the next phase in the re-establishment of international tourism and spur the economic recovery for a post COVID-19 world.”

In launching its first cruises since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Genting Cruise Lines has outlined a raft of new on-board health and safety initiatives, including a “Flexi-Feast” dining concept allowing guests to dine at their leisure and subsequently avoid bottlenecks at venues.

The company said it has enhanced its hygiene practices for guest cabins, crew member quarters, public areas and recreational facilities; added social distancing in dining, entertainment and public areas; implemented safe food and beverage handling procedures; and provided 100% fresh air ventilation in staterooms and public areas.

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