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Foreigners to be allowed into Macau under certain conditions

The Macau SAR government says it will ease its policy preventing all foreigners from entering Macau, with foreign workers and spouses of local residents to be granted entry Macau under certain conditions.

Foreigners must demonstrate that their entry into Macau is necessary for the public interest, especially for the prevention and treatment of diseases, emergency relief, or for the normal operations and basic livelihoods of Macau residents.

Foreigners who do not qualify but have been in mainland China for over 14 days can also apply for exceptional entry. However, those exceptions will only apply to spouses or children of Macau residents, foreigners workers and their spouses with permits, persons who have obtained residents permits, students who are admitted by local colleges, and other individuals for business, scholar or some specific events.

Applicants are required to submit their information to the Health Bureau Director, with a final decision on approval to be made within 15 days.

However, those arriving from foreign countries must still undergo 14-day quarantine once arrivals, while those who have been in mainland China for at least two weeks must submit relevant certificates, a negative virus test result obtained within the previous seven days and a “green” health code to enter Macau.

Notably, China only allows foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, personal matters and reunions to enter. However, individuals holding such permits but staying in the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Russia, Philippines, India, Ukraine and Bangladesh are still not allowed to enter China.

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