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China & Georgia – Allies with A Bright Future in the Post-COVID-19 World

Mr. Kyle Inan, an geopolitical analyst working as a consultant for the Metro Avrasya Investment Group in Georgia, has told World Gaming Insight (WGI) that the construction giant is about to embark on new projects in Georgia in 2021 and is “willing to invest” in China if such high-level talks were made for and with the right conditions.

In many industries considered, the Metro Group, is proudly receiving thousands of guests from Israel in their facilities and will continue to enhance tourism relations between the two allies.

“There have been major setbacks with the COVID-19 but the pandemic did not have an impact on our corporate resiliency owing to our strong foundation and especially to our Chairman, as we are still aiming at doubling our capacity across many industries in 2020-2021.

With each of our work, we aim to revolutionize the hospitality industry through high architectural quality and unique design. In all our resorts, our elite cadre of professionals strive to employ a fully immersive approach to provide the most efficient accommodation experience for all our guests from China.” Mr. Inan, has briefly stated.

The ongoing relations between Israel and Georgia have tremendous potential in science and technology and the predominantly younger population of Georgia also makes it a unique spot for investment, especially for labor-intensive industries.” said the consultant for the Metro Avrasya Investment Group.

With regards to the construction tycoon’s latest investment in Batumi,

Georgia – entitled “the Phase II” project, Mr. Inan has emphasized that many global brands in the hospitality industry, in particular from China, have expressed their interest in their state-of-the art project located in one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Authored by: Kyle Inan

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