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Applications for Macau-Zhuhai quarantine exemption resume but supply running short

Applications for Macau residents to enter Zhuhai without undergoing the mandatory 14-day quarantine have resumed but daily quotas continue to fill in minutes.

The application process resumed at 10am last Thursday 18 June with registrations reaching the 1,000-person daily limit in just three minutes. The situation had slightly improved by the weekend but quotas still filled inside 30 minutes. The SAR government has promised to provide for more applications and optimize the approval process.

While the government accepted more applications on Saturday, the Zhuhai government is sticking to its 1,000 person quota for those entering for business purposes and “special reasons.”

Health officials have admitted the application process is “not ideal” and have urged the public to leave cross-border travel for those most in need. The government believes the application process will remain in place for some time.

However, the Macau and Zhuhai governments have eased another restriction by allowed more Chinese non-resident workers to cross the border without undergoing mandatory 14-day quarantine.

Previously, eligible non-resident workers were limited to those holding Zhuhai residential cards. From 22 June, the exemption extends for non-resident workers whose habitual residence is in Zhuhai. To be granted the exemption, non-resident workers must register and gain approval from the central employment agency. They must also test negative to COVID-19 and receive a “green code” to cross the Macau-Zhuhai border.

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