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Almost 1,000 Sands China staff celebrate 10 and 15-year company milestones

Sands China has honored the longevity of almost 1,000 staff members with 640 reaching 15 years with the company and another 309 celebrating 10 years at an internal event this month.

Held at The Parisian Macao, the recognition ceremonies, titled “Our 15 Years of Excellence” and “Our Perfect 10, Thank You”, aimed to express Sands China’s gratitude for the staff’s commitment to the cause.

Those celebrating 15 years were presented with a 15th anniversary souvenir box containing an anniversary certificate, special edition pin designed by a team member and a commemorative plaque. They also received a gift certificate for a special 15-year anniversary meal to be enjoyed with a loved one at a Sands China restaurant.

Staff marking their 10-year milestones received a commemorative plaque and a gift certificate for a special 10-year anniversary meal.

“Sands China is proud to honor our long-serving team members for their loyal and diligent service over the years, and we are grateful for their continuous dedication,” said Sands China President Dr Wilfred Wong.

“With the company this year encountering unprecedented challenges, their hard work and dedication are even more commendable; they have worked hand-in-hand with the company in both good times and bad.

“With our team members’ perseverance and their determination to overcome adversity, we are confident that we can usher in a new spring after a long and cold winter.”

Sands China said that more than 8,100 team members have now served the company for 10 years or more, representing more than 30% of all employees, while over 2,200 have reached 15. Over 1,300 have been with the company since 2004.

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